Friday, October 22, 2010


Whew! You know what I really love this dress!*cross finger! Haha! It really fits me, it feels comfortable and the most thing I love of this elegant dress, is it looks like a curtain and a layered icing from cake! hahaha! Eventually, I went out a dinner to a Cocktail Party with my sister, Anjelie, and her lover (: we also met up with some of our friends for some laughs and load of stories, eat some of those craving FOODS! And dance like wild! BUT I only sat down these whole night because Im kinda’ having a bad mood, BECAUSE! …… I’ve lost my memory card! Ugh! >< Hahaha. I swear IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN! These is the also reason why I don’t have a picture at these Cocktail Party, whew! So thankful coz’ my sister’s boyfriend brought his camera, but I don’t have a copy! At least! (: 

ooh..and Thank God, mommy took me a picture while we’re waiting my oldest sister’s lover at the house before we leave! ((: 

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